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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for December 27

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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Nostalgia and melancholy are still very present feelings in your day that overshadow the small pieces of joy and good news that are coming into your life. Today they will persist, but they will go away like a heavy black cloud as fast as you manage to recover your optimism.

In this sense, the progress in your inner world depends on today that you know how to surround yourself with the right people from all that environment that around you can offer you love and friendship.

Sharing your fears, your sadness and your frustrations with your friends makes problems less serious and your chances of getting out of this bad situation increase.


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The construction of interesting proposals for people who can be a boost to your dreams has to be a priority today, when new opportunities that strengthen your skills, your capabilities and your possibilities will open. 

In particular, it will be a very special day, full of hope and illusion, for those Sagittarius who find themselves in a situation of unemployment and economic precariousness. The wait has been worthwhile because days and weeks of hard work come if you know how to read the situation and take advantage of the opportunity.

Knowing how to properly communicate your proposals, your ideas and your thoughts is fundamental to unblock certain barriers that impede your path to success. Make yourself understandable to others.


Today will be a fairly placid day for health, despite some effects and consequences of the previous days. Years do not pass in vain, and with age, hangovers are becoming longer and more traumatic. Although the effects have disappeared, you feel exhausted.

Fruit smoothies that you can prepare yourself at home in combination with milk and sugar can be a real energy pump loaded with calcium, vitamins and minerals to reactivate your body as soon as possible. Plus, you can combine tastes and enjoy a refreshing drink.

Concentrate all your energies on recovery and getting strong, rather than on problems and arguments. You can even clear your laziness and energize your body by doing physical exercise. Give adequate space to rest. 

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