Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Words can be much more hurtful than many actions, Sagittarius, and you'll discover it today before a heated discussion with a friend or relative. Hurting someone important to you will be very painful, so try not to let yourself be carried away by impulses.

When you're in the middle of a discussion, try to measure what you say and do contrition exercises to prevent anger from making you say things you don't really think about.

If you try to see everything in perspective, you will realize that the people you love are much more important than a discussion on a particular topic. Fortunately, Sagittarius is a free sign of any grudge, so you have the opportunity to apologize and reconcile.


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The desperation for money can lead to some recklessness that you'll pay dearly, Sagittarius, unless you take a break from the economic issue and learn to be patient. The benefits will come, there's no need to worry.

However, anguish can bring you to a critical point if you first give in to issues that border on illegality and, even worse, are outside the bounds of morality. Making your money grow, now more than ever, has to go hand in hand with ethics and legality.

Reject certain proposals that will only lead to more problems, and learn to value the things you have, rather than wanting what you could have.


The horoscope prediction for this Sunday observes an obstruction of brain processes for Sagittarius, and that may make it more difficult for you to think or use your reason. You will feel invaded by a large gray cloud in your head that makes you feel limited.

The most appropriate thing for today is for Sagittarius to find a time during the day to exercise, primarily in the morning. When you exercise, your brain produces more neurons and more connection between them, and thanks to this neurogenesis your mind functions with more lucidity.

Also, it has been shown that some sports increase your ability to coordinate, improve your reflexes and help overcome memory problems that may arise.