Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



The road to emotional recovery will go through some bumps, and the possibility of falling all the way down, of sinking, is too real. However, the stars give you the ability to use your courage and optimism to challenge depression and melancholy.

Look around you more, Sagittarius. Try to focus your positive feelings on the people around you who at times like this can be a very important source of help. It's time to choose friends better, to value friendship more strictly.

It's also a time to be alert to those who are taking advantage. There are those who want to take advantage that you are weak to get something from you, so you must prevent any strange movement and make yourself worth more.


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Changing routines can go a long way in sanitizing the work environment in order to regain some motivation and find new work dynamics. However, the stars discourage abrupt and big changes in this week of special attention to detail.

Any small modification can alter an entire plan and spoil days of effort. Try to stay focused and improve results without altering procedures.

The planets also provide generous compensation for the gestures of solidarity of Sagittarius. This encourages you, at work, to help those colleagues who need you and to offer your generosity in the service of the collective good. 


A severe headache in the front warns you that you're probably forcing your eyesight too hard, or that you're subjected to endless workdays that can have physical consequences from exhaustion. And you must correct it.

Focusing attention for many hours at a time on paper or a computer screen can cause these headaches. In any case, it would be good if you had an eye examination and, if recommended, wear protective glasses to avoid headaches.

This Wednesday you will also be particularly exposed to radiation from electronic devices. Remember to sleep with your mobile phone off or away from you.