Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for April 28

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Love is flowing in your life these days, it’s probable that you decide to strengthen relationships that you already have. If you don’t live with your partner, now you will dare to suggest it, regardless your fears. If you already do live with your partner, you want to formalize the relationship or even have children.

Venus is influencing you, we can say love is inside of you. Love is like an elixir that attracts people, just like honey attracts bees. If you continue feeding this sweet and loving side of you, you will soon see yourself surrounded by really positive people.

Find out your most creative side, don’t be afraid to live new experiences when it coes to love and sexuality. This is your moment, don’t waste any opportunity.

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In order to attract abundance you must feel that you deserve it, and you must also feel abundant. The best way of increasing your earnings is not working more hours, but developing the mood you would have if you had all the money you wish.

When you learn to be grateful for everything life gives you and value every possession you have, you will open the door to bigger earnings that will come from the most unexpected places.

It’s a good moment to change jobs, if you’re not doing what your heart tells you. Don’t give up on your dreams and pursue your personal projects with confidence.


It’s a good moment for both physical and emotional health. All the hard work you’ve made is giving you good results. You feel better than ever and it’s been long since you felt this harmony. This is the result of your effort, it’s time you reward yourself for it.

Today use your time to give yourself a rest, you deserve it. Eat your favourite cake, enjoy a good tea, listen to the sound of the sea if you live near it. Indulge in whatever you want, you deserve this and more.

Your self-esteem is improving day after day, and your well-being too. You’ve spent some time reinforcing your personal qualities and this had made you find a million ways to feel positive, to feel well.