Magical Horoscope Sagittarius |



If in your inner self you still have doubts about a possible betrayal of your partner, the stars advise you to take the shortest path, although it may be the most difficult and painful. An adult conversation will be more effective than inquiries and conspiracies.

Some people in your environment may try to damage your situation in order to complicate things even more, and the thing is perfect for opportunists and evil-doers. Trust sincerity and honesty, and solve a problem of such magnitude in a more mature way.

The day may be subject to confusion, doubt, and conflict, but within you grows an unusual conviction to face problems with the best of intentions. And that overflowing optimism will knock down all the adversities that arise.

Recognizing that strength in you will make you harder and more persistent than ever. The day keeps for you, in its twilight, a wonderful surprise.




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Today in the working and economic life of the Sagittarius something contradictory happens, and the opposite of what usually happens. Although you will be lazy all day long, your productivity will drop and you will have problems that will make you make mistakes, at the end of the day a stroke of luck will correct all the setbacks.

That's why, even if the working day seems like a disaster to you, and in economic terms it seems that everything is inconvenient, trust in the disposition of the stars and the influence of Mars and Jupiter to avoid destiny.

Take advantage of the strokes of luck but always seeing it for what it is: a stroke of luck. Tomorrow returns to the usual strategy, hard work and perseverance because only effort will lead you to a rational and sustained success.




Sport can help you not only to improve your physical condition and your health, but to evolve as a person towards a certain goal. It helps you feel stronger, set challenges and discover your limits and your ability to overcome.

Find a sport where you can download adrenaline and that demands a great commitment, an activity that forces you to improve day after day, and assume some routines of effort and perseverance that will take you to a new personality until now unknown.