Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for January 28

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The world will be small today if you manage to value all the yearnings to know that today accompany you. That can fill your day with very interesting experiences that make you feel full. The result will also be an increase in your self-esteem.

You have to start from the premise, Sagittarius, that you can not always please everyone, and that sometimes focusing on satisfying your needs is not a sign of selfishness but an urgency to regain some confidence and well-being.

Expressing those needs to others will make them understand you more clearly. The objective for today is to meet again with the realization of your goals.




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Chaos is a catastrophic travel companion for Sagittarius on this Monday, in which cosmic forces seem to unleash themselves without order or concert to revolutionize the economy of the Centaurs. That, in the current context, can be counterproductive.

You have managed to consolidate your economy thanks to perseverance, effort and patience, and getting out of that lane can mean going back to the times of the provisional and the unpredictable. Maintaining the level of profit depends on staying firm on the formula for success.

On this Monday you will find in the workplace a favorable environment to regain courage, activate your optimism and enter a climate of positive energy. Take advantage of it, and walk forward.




Taking advantage of weather conditions to boost your mood is taking advantage of everything around you to make your day a more productive one. On a spiritual level, the elements of nature and climate can be your allies, much more than you think.

The sun is a natural source of energy that offers you dynamism, joy and optimism, and whenever you have it you have to take advantage of it. The rain, although displeasing to many, offers an opportunity to reflect and reinforce melancholy and independence. 

The darkness of the night opens a space for introspection and solitude. All the moments of the day and all the climatic elements can reinforce your positive mood.