Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |




Today will be a great day in terms of love. The stars will give you everything you need to enjoy the company of your loved ones in harmony. Communication and gestures of love will be present during the day.

On the other hand, you’re a very passionate sign and you will feel prone to experiencing very pleasant moments when it comes to sexual activity. Your sexual energy has awakened in you so give in to pleasure.

If you’re single you will probably enjoy the company a person who will become someone special in your life, maybe because you will start a relationship based on affection or because it will be the protagonist of a very passionate sexual adventure.

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You’re still enjoying this lucky streak in finances, but you know you’re a sign that has it easy to enjoy abundance. You know how and where you can find a source of income, so you don’t need to worry regarding this aspect of your life.

When it comes to work, things are stagnant. You could find a solution for some issues that used to stress you, but you’re not experiencing any positive change either.

What you need to do today regarding money and business is visualizing a clear image of your goals. When you’ve done it, create a plan that will lead you to your objectives. If you trust yourself you can make your dreams come true.


You have good health but you know you could improve your physical appearance if you spent some time on yourself. Add more fruit and fresh food in your shopping list, and try to reduce the number of medicines you’re taking, just keep taking what’s really necessary.

Emotionally speaking you will feel relieved today, a door has opened and you don’t feel that heavy burden anymore. This is a symptom of recovery. Keep fighting to feed positivity in your life.

It’s a good day to recover those artistic activities that used to connect you to your creative side. Use part of your leisure time to create something just for the pleasure of creating.