Magical Horoscope Sagittarius
Magical Horoscope Sagittarius |



New loves are poisoned, and the old ones go away too slowly. There will be something in between that will be too hard to process for your sensitive soul. The whole situation could lead you to make mistakes and to have a rather depressive mood linked to frustration and sorrow.

Take the stars' advice. Understand that you have to let go and then get ready to let in. Otherwise, you enter a new chaotic, messy relationship in which feelings are confused and situations are misunderstood.

Take some time to process the loss of a past love. Prepare your soul and your heart to a new experience based on desire, not needs.


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Leadership and the ascendant don't age, Sagittarius, and sometimes you lack confidence. Believe it. Your efforts have taken you to the top, and you have to have enough personality to perform the leading role that you have won.

However, the higher the rise, the greater the fall. You have to find the balance. Be aware that even from your leader position you have to act with equanimity, humility, and sacrifice. Only by showing that you are still the best you will keep people's recognition.

In money issues, you have to check the small print when signing some contracts that don't actually favor you. Be more careful about what you sign. It's not the most positive day for your financial issues.


The way you dose your energy makes possible that you apply intelligence to physical strength. This is useful both if you practice daily sport or if you have been very tired lately. If your duties accumulate, the key is to dose.

Dosing means better organization, pausing, avoiding stress and hastiness, accumulating enough energy to get through the day with vigor. Reconsider your attitudes and move forward to better management of your time and effort.

Also, find your moment to cook the food that needs to be part of the three daily meals. Being constant and willing isn't enough. You have to give your body what it needs.