Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




The Stars predict a day full of positive surprises for Sagittarius. Love is very present in your life now that you’ve been able to seduce that person, so don’t ruin it by doing anything unnecessary.

You will have to make a decision related to your closest family circle. Don’t be afraid, time will let you know you made the best decision. You will have the support of your family in this situation.

If single, you will use your charm and your sense of humour to seduce that special someone. Things will go better than you expected today and you will be surprised by how easy it is to connect at a deep level with that person.

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You’re still very lucky when it comes to money. The positive influence ofthe Stars in your financial life during this period of time is helping you to create a steady life for you and your loved ones.

You know your workmates have tried to create some obstacles on your way so that you don’t succeed, but this is impossible. A Sagittarius always knows what they have to do and how.

This Thursday you will prove your worth in front of important business. If you’re self-employed, you will get your best result, and if you work for someone else, you will soon be rewarded financially.


Your health is good, generally speaking. Your only concern right now is your physical appearance. You haven’t taken care of it for a while and this is not typical of you. You will feel the need of changing your look and you will try something radical.

As for your emotions, the Stars predicttoday it’s going to be quieter than other days. The confusion you’ve felt these last days has gone and now you’re feeling calmer and wiser.

Right now you’ve understood the meaning of knowing how to live in peace with pain, being it physical or emotional. You’ve reached a point when you don’t fight this unpleasant aspect of your life anymore, and this will help you transform it.