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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for December 29

Your Horoscope for Saturday
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Mercury's influence on Jupiter sets the tone for a day in which Sagittarius develops their communicative capacities and where well-being is demanded of greater complicity with the environment. Generosity and solidarity, understanding and kindness, will lead you to personal satisfaction.

On the other hand, the feelings of selfishness and resentment and bad humor threaten to transmute the natural sense of your astrological line with the danger of turning a potentially happy and optimistic day into a personal crisis of anguishing identity. 

All the potentials that your Sagittarius nature treasures can find a focus on plans that reactivate your social life and allow you to exteriorize the need to give without expecting anything in return.


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You are used to working for your own interests, bent on perfecting your abilities to be a better worker and get more out of what you do, focused and obfuscated in the daily tasks that have you absorbed, you have forgotten that you can be someone very useful to others.

And the disposition of the stars notices today a radiating light that, coming out of the deepest of your being, give you the possibility to be not only a good worker but also someone very useful to improve your environment.

If you manage to broaden your horizons and work for the common good, helping others and making a sincerely altruistic effort, you can get much more out of yourself and be much more satisfied than limiting your activities to personal gain. Look at the day with optimism and acknowledge your importance.


The week has been very tiring, and so it is normal that you have arrived at the weekend exhausted and without much desire for anything. Now, you have to be aware that the start of your body is the only antidote against that obfuscation that keeps you attached to the bed and the sofa.

Also, the dynamism that Mercury brings you today encourages you to adopt an active attitude: physical activity and mental challenges can be a good distraction for this Sunday.

The astral confluences cleanse the Sagittarius of the discomforts that they could drag and, in particular, induce them to a day without muscular discomforts nor joint pain, that was one of the great problems of the centaurs these last days.

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