Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |




Today you should watch your reactions, you’re very likely to feel jealous even if you're not one of the most jealous signs. Someone from your partner’s past will reappear in your lives with the clear intention of getting back what they lost once.

Nevertheless, if you really trust the person you love you will see there’s no reason to be afraid. What you will have to deal with is your own insecurities, the ones you thought you had overcome a long time ago.

If you’re single, this week will begin with you saying no to someone from your past who will try to convince you everything will be different this time. It’s alright if you talk to this person, but don’t give in to their demands.

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You may have made the decision of starting your own business after being fed up with the bad relationship you had with your former job. Today you have the chance to begin that project and make it work.

However, if you want this project to become your main source of income you will have to put a lot of effort and give your best to make it prosper. On the other hand, if you’re sitting at your workplace, there will be changes.

You may see these changes as something negative at first, but they will bring you lots of benefits in the future. Accept those changes as part of the process of evolution your life needs.


Your health will be strong today, but don’t neglect your healthy eating habits, you’ve been getting lazy lately. You shouldn’t eat out that often, and if you have to do it because of your work, then choose healthy options.

When it comes to your emotions, a feeling of resentment will appear today. Think about its possible origin so you can understand why you’re feeling like this and then you can handle your emotions. Don’t repress this feeling, but don’t let this energy carry you away.

Keep stress under control. If you don’t, it could escalate and become anxiety sooner than you imagine. You’ve experienced this feeling before, so don’t let anyone other than yourself have the power of controlling your emotions.