Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You enter a prosperous phase to grow spiritually. Use it toward love and your relationships. Finding the necessary strength to generate spaces of confidence and self-esteem to attract love toward you will be the main task of Sagittarius this Thursday.

Don't get obsessed, because from obsessions comes frustration and loss of confidence and self-esteem. Love will eventually come, and you have to be patient and focus on elements that can lead you toward happiness. Don't let yourself be used for sexual intercourse. Make yourself worth it.

Today you may be judging people. Try to have a little more perspective and don't be too strict on your words and decisions.


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Even if sometimes it seems that fortune is hard to achieve, you have to find the confidence and necessary strength to find the door to new opportunities. Sometimes you lock yourself too much, Sagittarius. Around you, there are people that can help you open new paths.

You aren't linking properly some concepts and that leads you to some mistakes at work. Also, you are abusing from people's trust. Sometimes you enter a cycle of solitude and paranoia that do you no good. It's time for you to open yourself up toward your partners.

The stars don't foresee an abundant income of money today, so it will be useless for you to waste your efforts and patience on that. Don't get obsessed, centaur. Sooner or later you'll get what is yours.


The Moon flow affects your ailments located in your torso, especially concerning circulation. If you have a certain age, the Magic Horoscope encourages you to visit a cardiologist. It is highly recommended to walk at least half an hour a day.

Listen to your body, Sagittarius. You're evolving and changing toward a special sensibility as far as the physical and emotional are concerned. You have to find the proper pause to revise that everything is doing well. How long has it been since your last self-examination?

These days, apart from discarding problems that may appear, will also be perfect for you to get to know your body a little bit better. Undoubtless, this will be a very useful day.