Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |





You’re very focused on your inner changes. This brings you benefits but it also affects your relationship negatively. If you get to deal with all these personal changes the right way, your relationship won’t be affected.

Remember that even if you’re in the middle of a transformation process and you don’t feel very comfortable, this will bring many benefits to you. You must have a good relationship with yourself in order to have a good relationship with others.

If you’re single, you know that person who’s paid attention to you recently is not really worth it, so don’t fall into their trap. You’ve let go of other toxic relationships in the past and you don’t want to commit the same mistakes again.

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Your ability to think and analyse things objectively will let you deal with all the financial complications you’ll have this week. You won’t experience important losses, but you’ll have to face some problems generated by a third part.

Try not to argue with any superior at work. Even if you know you’re right, this is not the time to impose your point of view. You’d better stay in silence and wait for a better opportunity to clear things.

You’ll learn to use diplomacy to solve the financial problems you’ll have today. Know that you’re doing things right.


Try to sleep well at night, your body needs you to rest well. Don’t eat in excess in order to calm down your stress levels, this is a behaviour that will end up generating even more anxiety in the future.

You feel like a new person after this stage in your life. You don’t let anybody tell you what you have to do. You’ve learned to respect yourself and deal with those who abused you in the past, you feel you can do it now.

Your deep personal transformation will make you feel more confident, more energetic and lively. Your whole body will benefit from all your internal changes.