Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Listen to the advice that can make you grow and don't waste your time in those malicious criticisms that only want to harm you. Today you will receive both, and the key is to sharpen your intuition to detect constructive criticism and use it to your advantage.

Also, you have to be very careful with the thin and dangerous border that separates love from friendship, and above all you must avoid showing yourself ambiguous towards a person who may be misinterpreting your goodness in a loving sense.

Avoid hurting others: show your feelings clearly and avoid misunderstandings. This is not the best time to look for more problems than you already have.


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The consolidation of some projects can easily lead to boredom and comfort, and that's the worst news for the advancement of your dreams. The most difficult thing is not to start a company or an idea, Sagittarius, but to maintain the continuity of the same momentum.

The stars notice a relaxation of the impetus that has led you to success, and in your case, Sagittarius, that poses an even greater danger, as you tend to relax easily and lose sight of important issues. Now is the time to maintain tension and strength.

You will find very inspiring people during the day, but you must have the will and the predisposition to listen to them and learn from them, to extract from them very valuable lessons.


Sometimes, dear Sagittarius, the key to feeling better is not in medical therapies or medicines, but in the attitude with which you face life every day. Today, that is evident in the fact that the stars warn you of the danger of excess in your life.

During this day, the astral forces demand special attention to maintain peace in the Sagittarius spirit, pushed by other forces to vices, excesses and temptations, whose consequence is the worsening of the relationship with the people around you.

The day may cause significant discomfort in the feet of Sagittarius, but nothing that cannot be overcome with a little rest, saline water and good spirits.