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The periods of crisis in love are something very complicated to go through that entail a lot of suffering. You need patience and courage and yes, why not, shed many tears. But now that you have reached that level of maturity, you should also see it as an opportunity to grow.

Crises are both destructive and transformative stages, moments of sinking and catharsis. As something collapses we learn many things from each other and from ourselves, and we become strong enough to face this and other difficult moments to come.

Take advantage of this moment to learn from what is going on inside of you. The assistance of the stars with a greater capacity for introspection will help you deepen in very useful emotions and review some things.


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Don't let prudence lead you to cowardy at this moment when you are full of energy and with clear ideas to put your projects into motion, Sagittarius. Avoiding excesses, on the one hand, must be compatible with deepening those aspects that dynamize your economy.

The dynamization of these aspects will help you to accompany the prosperity that is arriving to your life little by little but with constancy. You must show yourself strong, confident and resolute, only in this way you will find the path that leads you forward with courage.

The emergence of some problems will not be an obstacle to overcome adversity and follow firmly the path of your actions, which are now wrapped in faith and trust with yourself.


Some bad habits are weakening your body and leaving it at the mercy of some infections and diseases at a time when you need, more than ever, to feel pushed by energy and physical power. Controlling your mind to strengthen your body is the main challenge.

You need to go out into the open and charge yourself with positive energy that avoids that inner fragility. Now is the time to accompany your personal and professional growth with physical dynamism and strengthen your muscles and internal organs, avoiding a fall off your immune system.

Eat better and rest well to be at your best and start a process of physical strengthening.