Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for June 3

Your Horoscope for Monday
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This week begins with really good positive vibrations when it comes to love for Sagittarius. This Monday you follow your heart and your relationships improve remarkably.

If you don’t have a relationship but you’re in the process you’ll feel how everything you had always dreamed becomes real with that person you love. The connection, communication and physical attraction become obvious in every gesture and every word you exchange.

This is a wonderful stage, even if you have this tendency to distrust because of the bad experiences you’ve had in your past. Don’t let these ideas take over and ruin what could be a new beginning that comes with real feelings.

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Your financial situation is getting better, it’s finally time to feel relieved and secure in terms of finances. You’ve managed to find a solution to your problems with your effort and doing the right thing.

You feel how tensions are reduced at work and new energy of collaboration grows between your colleagues and you. Sagittarius, take advantage of this situation to secure your position and show what you’re really worth.

It’s a good time to invest if you have a business of your own and are thinking about expanding. You might hire somebody, close deals or you might even sign alliances that will bring you prosperity and expansion.


You feel well physically, your body has energy and you don’t feel tired anymore. If you take advantage of this energy state your health state will change completely.

Remember that changes need to happen with baby steps, don’t try to change your eating habits radically, on the contrary, implement them little by little. If you do it like this you’ll soon realize you’re following a balanced diet.

Your feelings have calmed down. This is partly because you’ve been working on them during all these months. Continue like this, this is the path that is going to lead you to the peace of spirit and tranquillity that you’ve been longing for. Don’t let anything and anybody influence you negatively, remember that you’re the only owner of your life.