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The Moon in Scorpio and the glittering power of Venus induce Sagittarius to a strange combination of tenderness and passion that brings your emotions to the surface and challenges you to a roller coaster of feelings. Are you ready for strong emotions, archer?

At times you may feel melancholy, sad, afflicted, but you can overcome those bumps with the company of someone very special. Today is a day for happiness, joy and, above all, love.

Attention: Do not give yourself in exchange for anything, or it could be fatal. You have to look for the connection and channels back and forth.


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Sagittarius in the real estate sector may be blessed today by a stroke of good luck, which will last for a few days. Anyway, this Sunday you have to be for rest and recovery.

An economic slowdown in the financial heart of Sagittarius can hit hard confidence and good spirits, unless you use your intelligence to stop some emotional excesses and induce your rational mentality to a cooling that allows you to see everything at a distance.

This Sunday will move towards a more dynamic and positive day as you manage to eliminate your thoughts on economic and labor issues. There are a lot of chores to do at home, so put your shoulder to the wheel.


The recovery of the levels of vitamins and minerals in the body, if you have done things as you should this week, will be reflected in a more active attitude on the part of your body. And your mind, stronger than ever, sets it in motion from the first hour.

That's why it can be a very productive day for physical activities, not with a competitive spirit, but ludic. Doing sports with your friends and family can be very positive and give you a lot of pleasure.

Talking about pleasure... Pay attention to today's horoscope, Sagittarius: the stars offer you virtue and passion to unleash your passions, a juncture especially indicated to practice sex with your partner or with the person you think appropriate. Look for the connections...