Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



The desperate need to find the love that restores your soul and heals your wounds makes you look outside for what you have inside your house, and that can lead you to make big mistakes. Today's journey will be productive for the incessant search for healing forgiveness.

You have to find the answer within yourself, and avoid the temptation to find happiness in the immediate stimuli. For this reason, a path as long and tortuous as that of forgiveness will, however, be much more productive for your spiritual evolution.

Make an effort to improve your attitude towards others, and you will feel much more satisfied.


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Building a solid environment that offers you stability and security will be fundamental to advancing economic growth and achieving everything you have set out to achieve. If the new year is not starting as it should, don't lose hope, Sagittarius.

You need a push, and it will come whenever you are able to create the conditions for a favorable atmosphere for investment and business. You are the main factor in your economy, Sagittarius, avoid the defeatist mentality and always blame the circumstances.

For the working Sagittarius, it is time to take the leap and look for a more comfortable job that will allow you to find stability. For the unemployed centaurs, it is necessary to continue searching with more faith.


Dental health suffers and the prediction of the stars observes a serious infection in one of your teeth, which can cause pain, swelling and fever in the coming days. Even if you can't avoid infection, the stars warn you to be diligent about treatment.

Don't wait, Sagittarius. Put it in the hands of your dentist as soon as possible, and follow the prescribed treatment with patience and discipline. Also, you can relieve pain and speed up the healing process with squeezed garlic juice applied directly to the tooth.

Salt and sodium bicarbonate also increase pH levels inside the mouth and create an alkaline environment that prevents bacteria from surviving. Soak a ball of cotton wool and apply it to the infected area for 40 minutes.