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Today’s horoscope’s prediction for love brings news to Sagittarius. You will probably feel attracted by new people, even if you’re in a relationship. The Stars have awakened your sensuality.

The horoscope predicts a very positive day for your family life. If you have children, you could get to an agreement with them, there will be a greater connection and this will allow you to create harmony in your relationship.

If you’re single, you will find it easy to seduce. Your personal charm is maximised. You will feel more willing than ever to live brief sexual adventures.

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Your economy will be positive today and it’s possible that that loan you applied for in order to get a second house or something related to your home will be accepted. Your finances are in good hands.

Today’s horoscope predicts a lot of movement. Maybe there will be a new workmate, maybe you will be moved somewhere else. Changes will be part of your professional life today.

If you’re a self-employed Sagittarius, you need to pay extra attention to the offers you receive today. Some people are willing to try everything in order to get money, so don’t trust anyone.


Your horoscope says you’re likely to have an eye problem. It could be conjunctivitis or maybe, if you already suffer from an eye condition, it could go worse.

You will feel very focused on your personal growth. You’ve left your spiritual side behind and this makes you feel bad. You need to retake this elevated part of you in order to deal with your life.

The Magic Horoscope reminds you, Sagittarius, that you’re strong enough to get over anything. However, if you ask for some help, these healing processes are easy to deal with and more effective. Don’t try to go through it alone.