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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for December 31

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The emotional problems that you have been dragging these last days acquire a painful dimension in a particularly sensitive day such as the one in which we bid farewell to 2018 and welcome 2019. You can fall into the risk of blaming yourself excessively, of being very hard on yourself.

Controlling the elements within your reach and subjecting them to rationalization and pragmatism by controlling your emotions with your mind is not an easy job but very productive for today. The things that hurt you can become a pleasant nostalgia.

Find within yourself and bring to the surface the most optimistic, joyful and enthusiastic Sagittarius to turn this last day of the year into an evening that looks towards the future and forgets, for a moment, the present problems.


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Today you will inevitably think of the immediate challenges you face these days. In the daily whirlwind of the economic struggle for your aspirations, it seems that the world doesn't even stop at days like this, and it's impossible to abstract yourself from the circumstances.

However, you have more ability to project your mind in a more global way towards the great challenges that are demanded by the development of your work and your economy this year 2018 that you close with satisfaction. There are things to be proud of and others to improve, so you need to balance.

Try not to let lucrative issues interfere with a journey that must be guided by love and friendship, and try to bring your generosity and solidarity to the surface on days like this.


For today, all the problems that can be an obstacle to your momentary happiness and that prevent you from celebrating the end of the year as you deserve can be fought with the mind and the spirit, more than with medicines.

The natural remedies, added to your faith and your good mood, will make disappear the symptoms of headache, gastric discomfort or muscle numbness, to allow you to live a day where optimism and physical vitality will be holding hands.

Forget about diets and the consequences of drinking a little too much: celebrate that you are entering the new year full of health and hope.


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