Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



If you’re single the stars will make you find someone with whom you will be excited again. If you already have a partner and have had a month full of conflict, today is the day you will be brought back together.

Always trust yourself when you have to expose yourself to others. Those around you always like your honesty and directness, your ability to deepen and sympathize with others. Use your spiritual side wisely, it’s your ally when it comes to love.

Take advantage of this opportunity to choose well what you want from people around you. Don’t give in to their impositions and use diplomacy to create harmony in your relationships.

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You have lots of ideas that will bring great results to your job if you finally dare to expose them. Trust your instincts and your ability to carry out your suggestions, others will be seduced by your enthusiasm.

The stars have a positive energy today, so use this potential to make career progress. Pursue your objectives and set high but realistic goals.

Trust your ability to stay optimistic and get the good things in life. If you manage to control your distrust of others you’ll son see that there are actually treasures from where used to be nothing.


Your body is asking for activity, so it’s time to do some activities that fill you with energy. You enjoy a good challenge so don’t hesitate and take that workout class that really pushes your muscles. You will feel full of life at the end of the class!

Use this energy you have today and enjoy nature, you know it always feels good. A little trip to breath fresh air is what you need and will help you relieve the accumulated fatigue.

Enjoy these moments of growth your body is giving you. Give yourself fully to these wellness moments you love so much, as biorhythms change every day and every hour. If you learn to accept that life is a cycle it will all work out harmonically and you won’t suffer so many highs and lows.