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The emergence of some internal conflicts on this Friday will open a space for doubt and hesitation. In these moments, you will feel that everything in your life is provisional and that you do not step on firm ground under your feet, which can generate insecurity and anxiety.

In order to guarantee your life, you must first consolidate some important aspects of yourself. If you take a close look at your inner qualities, you will see that there is much room for improvement.

This work of individual renewal and catharsis can take a lot of energy out of you, and you need to devote yourself to it and give up your social life for a moment.


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What until now was presented as a thing in your favor, the concentration of all your efforts in a single task to optimize your capabilities, is becoming the need to give space to other complementary activities that can be very useful.

In the next few days you have to evolve your professional profile towards greater versatility, maintaining constancy and determination in those aspects in which you stand out by natural inertia, and exploring new activities that will make you improve and evolve.

The stars reward you with an inspiring flow of light that awakens your genius, but you have to play an active role in the exploitation of creative energy. Find your inspiration from the impulse.


Stress and anxiety can affect your rest, cause insomnia that limits the productive energies that put you in action and maintain tension during the day. You are in a particularly critical phase that requires the review of some elements to find the internal balance.

In your case, it is an endemic problem in which a dangerous vicious circle is created for your health: stress and anxiety induce you to insomnia, but at the same time insomnia creates anxiety and stress. 

The most important thing, for now, is that you use relaxation techniques and breath control, with an introduction to meditation, to be able to fall asleep harmoniously. And in parallel, you organize your tasks better and plan your time to reduce stress levels.