Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




You still enjoy this positive period in your love life. What you have to do now is looking after your loved ones so that this harmony lasts in time. You know love happens by itself, but it has to be fed properly.

You children will give you an unexpected surprise today. It’s something you didn’t think about and it means a lot to you. It’s their way to show how much they value your devotion and love to them.

If you’re single, you’ll still wish to experience strong emotions, both in life and in love. The only think you should take into account is to experience healthy emotions, and not to walk towards toxic relationships.

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Your finances are healthy since you inherited that amount of money. You had some difficulties at the beginning and arguments with some relatives, but now putting the situation in order has been worth it.

Professionally speaking you should risk a little bit more, Sagittarius. Don’t do new things in a place where you are, but try new things in different environments. Sometimes we feel so comfortable with what we have that we kill the options to succeed we have.

Financial abundance will come to you when you’re ready to believe in your dreams. Everything is possible if you pursue your goals with enthusiasm. The Stars are on your side, so take advantage of this new impulse in order to obtain what you deserve.


Your health is good today. However, you can still make it better if you try different foods. Don’t let the comfort of preparing the same recipes carry you away, you can try new things and be innovative in the kitchen, it’s not a matter of time, but of wanting it.

You feel your body is working well these days, so it’s a good moment to join a gym, or that dancing class you’ve been thinking about. Putting fun and exercise together will cheer you up and will make you feel really satisfied.

Don’t give up your daily moments of peace. Every night before sleep and every morning when you wake up, use some minutes to review your goals. Have a constructive conversation with yourself, cheer you up, and you will soon see some changes.