Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



This Monday Sagittarius receives the open influences of Venus that directly affect beauty and self-esteem. A golden opportunity to dust off your brilliance and start believing in the seductive role that you have long forgotten. And to triumph this Monday.

Besides, today you don't need all the information to make decisions. On the contrary, the stars give you a source of light that emanates from intuition, and allows you to make the right choices regardless of objective conditions. You just need more courage.

It is also the ideal day to take some protective measures against harmful people, which you should have undertaken long ago.


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You often forget that the world around you, especially when it comes to financial and business issues, is cruel, cold and calculating. Things don't work through emotions, or generosity, and you have to adapt to circumstances.

And that's why, many times, you forget that the things you want will come only if you insist. Don't be afraid to get heavy, and if you have to ask your boss or the bank a hundred times for something, do it. In the end, by making yourself heavy, you will get away with it.

The complex astral situation warns for today, for Sagittarius, an atypical situation in which things will not come easily or the first time. 


A rarity in the energetic confluence of Jupiter turns you into a magnet for bacteria and infections, forcing you to double the precautions to avoid spending Monday sick. Do not resort to antibiotics by instinct, because they will leave you weaker.

If you have discomfort in your throat, it may be a small infection. A mucolytic and gargle of water boiled with salt will warm the area and clear you so you can live a normal life.

Although you may spend a somewhat weak day concerning health, on the contrary you have a surprising inner strength that can be channeled for the benefit of others. Thus, paradoxically, even if you spend a day with infections and colds, you will have the ability to help others to heal.