Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |




Mars in Virgo all this first week of September will make Sagittarius act very kindly with their partner today. The ability to enjoy the beauty in those moments you two will share is what will make your relationship bloom.

The family life will benefit from this awakening Sagittarius is feeling. You will feel closer to your loved ones and you will feel like spending more time with them.

On the other hand, if you’re single you may have an important romantic encounter today. As a good warrior, you need to be ready to recognise the right person when it enters your life.

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The Sun in Virgo this month will make Sagittarius unable to resist your nerves. You could feel slower, more insecure, and others might notice it. However, this won’t affect your financial decisions.

You will try to be tidy at work and more disciplined than ever out of fear of possible obstacles that you’re trying to avoid. Manual work will help you relieve this pressure. Try not to think too much and relax your mind doing something practical today such as gardening, carpentry, painting…etc.

Mercury will help you achieve success, the prediction for today says that Sagittarius will be able to analyse things with precision. This ability will make you find the right answer to any problem you might encounter on your way.


Today, the health of Sagittarius will be influenced by the energy of Mars as well. This energy will basically affect your feelings, making you more pernickety about what others say.

However, your good mood will soften the influence of the Stars on your personality. You will be able to handle your emotions properly and you’ll be able to neutralize this negative tendency.

Today you will notice a feeling of fullness that is striving to come out from you. All the struggle and difficulties have made you get used to this state of alertness, but maybe now it’s time you relax and let yourself be completely happy.