Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



The sweet moment that Sagittarius love relationship is going through can serve to improve some aspects. It is the right moment to open a sincere dialogue with your partner: it is not enough with just good coexistence, it is necessary to face certain discussions.

Preferences about the immediate future are something very important that sometimes pose problems in the conjugal nest. Talking about your plans for the future will enrich your relationship today.

Also, despite the fact that some people and situations threaten to break the stability, you will feel stronger than ever and with full energy to defeat those setbacks. Take advantage of this security to reinforce your commitment. 


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Today it's your turn to be patient at work, dear Sagittarius. The fundamental advice for today (and you better not lose sight of it): when facing provocations and nerves, count to ten and take a deep breath. Containment will prevent you from exposing yourself and making the situation worse.

Today you will have to work side by side with people you do not like, and the stars foresee situations of high tension that can lead to problems and arguments. However, the one who will be harmed by these fights will be you, Sagittarius.

So you better be prudent and contain your anger. Try to work constructively and prioritize the results, and in the face of provocations demonstrate intelligence.


This month of February has started agitated, both in the field of love and in the professional, and this has also been reflected in a certain instability in your body. This imbalance is causing discomfort and pain in various parts of your body, and today is moving to the chest area.

When it comes to that area you always expect the worst: Will it be heart problems? Most of the ailments in the chest area do not usually respond to heart problems, but to muscular contractures or the bad position of some organs.

Also, the stars do not see serious problems in the heart. But it is always more advisable to prevent, and that can be a perfect opportunity to have a coronary checkup after so long.