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The danger of idealizing love and the other person always leads to great frustrations that end in drama when love fails. Also, knowing the other person by pondering virtues and defects brings you much closer to real love.

If you manage to understand falling in love in a much more mature way, you will go much deeper, even if you think it is a lie, and you will feel much more rewarding things. 

The stars unite you to a person who complements your way of being and offers you new perspectives of life. This is much more interesting than someone who is seemingly ideal.


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New winds of prosperity come to you to infuse you with joy, happiness, and confidence. When you know that you row with the wind at your back, everything is much easier, but beware, you also run the risk of relaxing. You must face this stage of wealth as a challenge.

Now is the time to show the responsibility you have acquired after much effort, take your time to analyze the situation, organize strategies and take very serious precautions not to fall into the mistakes of the past. 

On the other hand, that path to a new situation of prosperity cannot be done alone, and you must be fair to the people who have been by your side in the negative moments. Return that help with gratitude.


An infection in the mouth area foresees the need to reinforce hygiene in that part of your body, and keep your body well nourished and well hydrated to prevent your immune system from collapsing. If you haven't been to the dentist in a while, maybe it's time for a check-up. 

The stars see a general weakness in the stomach area, in the digestive system in general, so take every precaution to avoid heavy digestions and intestinal irregularities. Fruits, vegetables, and legumes are your ideal food for these days.

Beyond the localized problems that you may suffer, it is important that you become aware of the importance of taking care of yourself, with small daily and constant habits that make your life healthier.