Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



The moon in Pisces rages against passions and primary instincts affecting especially the natives of Sagittarius, whose regent is enveloped by a blockade of positive and liberating energies. For a few days mental force and consciousness can save you from more than one displeasure.

The emotional aspect must be subordinated to the force of reason, forcing you to control at all times passionate excesses and limiting emotional fluctuations. Jealousy and anger attacks can lead to aggressive arguments. You are an especially susceptible being.

Calming your temperament helps inner serenity to find balance, and outer kindness to protect your social relationships. Don't let your mood ruin your day.


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Saturn blocks positive feelings but finds fissures for the filtration of wealth and fortune. Change your mind and take risks, let go of your hand and trust your luck. Bet for the arrival of new and succulent benefits.

If you are going to play, do it with moderation, and bearing in mind that the astral confluences connect your regency with the numbers 6, 86 and 347. The rest will be played by chance.

And while the cosmic energies conspire in your favor around you, at work you should be the one to put the note of sanity and maturity before a too relaxed working environment. The challenges that arise are no small thing, and you must be more focused than ever.


This week has begun with weakness and infections for Sagittarius, but today the action of the planets frees your mind so that you can control the negative impulses. That is also positive for health. You can evolve into a relaxed mood.

On the other hand, if you refuse to control your emotions, you may be submerged in a sea of counterproductive nerves and anxiety. It's a battle between your head and your heart.

Speaking of the heart, it wouldn't be too much of a review. Your parameters are not very tight and an unexpected situation can be triggered, which you can easily prevent with responsibility.