Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for May 5

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Everything goes back to normal in your love life, these complications you experienced during the week are over. It’s the time to live your relationship with passion again. Be tender in your physical contact and you will have a positive answer from your partner.

Remember to keep caring for your home, you have to know that your loved ones don’t only need you to take care of them and worry about them, they also want to see you happy. If you show yourself as you are, you will get more inner peace and also better authenticity in your relationships with others.

You have started a new relationship, so open yourself to it and use the opportunity life has given you. Trust the universe only sends you what you need in order to grow.

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Your economy is still stable, you can use some money freely to invest in little projects and home reformations. You shouldn’t use up all your savings, but if you have some plans pending, now is the time to use this money.

Today’s calm is perfect to try and improve your working environment. The change has to come from within yourself, you don’t have the power to change others. If you change your behaviour, you will appreciate positive changes in your workmates.

Dream big, Sagittarius, dreams are what keep us alive. Plan a big future for you and remember, go for it one step at a time, but never stop walking.


Today is a day to rest and escape from the noises of the city and all the things that annoy you. Your day will start differently if you begin with a stroll by the sea. Let go of your worries, breathe deeply and trust everything is alright the way it is.

It’s a good time to plan your weekly menu, get rid of calorie dense food and sugar as well. Use more fresh vegetables and don’t eat too much. Learn how to chew slowly and savour your food.

If you give yourself just a part of the attention you give to others, everything will go better in your life. It’s not being selfish, remember that your health depends on how much you care for yourself.