Sagittarius Magic Horoscope 6
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The horoscope’s prediction regarding love today foresees a day full of enthusiasm and romanticism for Sagittarius. It will be one of these days when the link with your loved ones will be the obvious protagonist.

If you have a partner you will be very prone to give and receive love in all its aspects. Sexuality will also be a very important part to explore and share during the day.

The prediction for single Sagittarius is very positive, it promises many probabilities of having a romantic adventure. You will probably meet someone you will feel immediately attracted to, maybe it will be one more sexual adventure, or maybe it will become something stronger, it all depends on what you wish right now.

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The horoscope’s prediction for this Saturday is quite positive. Sagittarius, you’re a good thinker and you’ve managed to make your economy go on the right track, what’s more, you know how to move money to your own benefit.

Your situation at work has been somehow complicated, despite the fact that you make tremendous efforts to meet your goals. The problem is not you, Sagittarius, is those who, out of jealousy, are trying to slow down your progress.

However, your professional life will take a new direction soon. This is what you get when you risk and start your own business, or you work as an independent professional. If you’re confident enough to start that project, the Stars will help you succeed.


Today’s horoscope predicts a generally good day regarding your health, except for a little complication on your mouth. Maybe you will have to go to the dentist to check your teeth’s health as the pain will increase today.

You might feel like being alone today. If you need to switch off from everything and find seek refuge in your own solitude, don’t even hesitate, Sagittarius, you should always listen and do what your inner self is asking for.

Remember you’re not an island, get out of your isolation from time to time in order to connect with those you know you can trust. This will help you feel more complete and balanced.