Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for April 6

Your Horoscope for Saturday
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Today is the perfect day for planning some romantic activities with your partner. A change in your routine and the perspective of doing something different are ideas that will be very well received.

When it comes to family and close friendship you will find it’s the perfect moment to express your sweetest feelings. People who appeared in your life will leave it if they are not the right ones for you so you keep focusing on what’s really important: your wellbeing.

If you open your heart to your loved ones, they will respond to your needs in a positive way. Don’t get lost in unnecessary fear, most of the times this fear is just a ghost form the past.

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Use that money you earned with your effort on a reward for yourself. But just this time only, today you deserve to treat yourself for what you’ve achieved until now.

Your job will also benefit from your personal talents. You might think it’s something reserved to your private life, but your ideas and taste for art also belong in your workplace. You only need to trust your creative side to suggest innovative ideas.

Invest a sensible amount of money to educate yourself in something that calls your attention. Even though it doesn’t seem related to your job it can be of great help to you.


It’s time to enjoy a well-deserved rest so don’t hesitate and engage in some activity that makes you feel good. Maybe you can go for a walk by the sea or in the mountain. Charge your batteries of positive energy and be thankful for being alive.

Your emotions are gradually calming down now that you’ve learned how to deal with them and let go. Your health is gaining stability and you feel calmer with yourself. There’s nothing you can’t do to improve.

Today is the perfect day to read or study those deep or esoteric issues that your soul is begging for. Meditation, a lecture or some instructive talk about the spiritual world is what you need to feel peace. Don’t neglect this side of yours, you need it in order to make everything else work properly.