Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Very typical of Sagittarius: although at work and in your state of health you are experiencing a downturn, in your personal and private life you do not stop growing, and that makes you feel fulfilled. No one like you knows how to face problems with such optimism. Bravo for you.

You must mentalize yourself of something, Sagittarius: you deserve to be happy. Do not be afraid to seek your happiness or feel happy and encouraged despite the setbacks. This is your best weapon, and when others see that unbribery smile drawn on your face, you awaken their most effective side.

And that energy you send them returns to you in the form of friendship, generosity and strength to move forward.


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Bad day for the economy of the most ambitious Sagittarius who have risky operations underway or projects of a great embargo. The priority these days is to cool your thoughts, redefine your strategies and think twice before taking an important step.

The economic climate is not exactly favorable to Sagittarius, on the contrary: you will enter a crisis of ideas that will be accompanied by bad luck and adversity. There could be economic losses, financial complications and the breakdown of contracts and agreements.

Be very careful with those Sagittarius who are in a temporary job: inform yourself well of your rights and do not let them trample on your rights. You may be on the verge of dismissal. 


You have to face the final stretch of the week with a slowing down of the rhythm and find a way to change your point of view on some issues that take their toll on you emotionally. Nerve control is at the root of a process of improving your health.

You must also find a way to dose your energies and accompany the intensity of your activities with an appropriate diet. All these factors guarantee your professional and private success, but they also make it compatible with your health. Feeling good is important to live to the fullest.

At the end of the day you may feel some small anxiety crises, which you can combat with breath control, relaxation and positive and optimistic thinking.