Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



The fulfillment of some desires concerning friendship and love fill the day with optimism and vitality. On the other hand, the revision of some questions of the past threatens to break the balance. External support, both from friends and therapists, helps you grow.

Watch out, Sagittarius! Be wary of quick and passionate loves, and surrender patiently and measuredly to the deep knowledge of your lover's soul. You can discover unpleasant details, but also build a more sincere and responsible relationship.

Helping with household chores this Wednesday not only makes you a generous being, but also helps you to become better acquainted with your partner.


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A very productive day for the working Sagittarius, who will see how personal projects and ordinary tasks advance at a faster rate than expected, and also for the centaur in a precarious situation, because the steps to start working are accelerated.

In the latter case, some people in your environment can facilitate your incorporation to a new job, and it is a faster and simpler way than the door-to-door job search. Strive harder in that sense, give voice to the people you know and who you think can help you.

It's also time to demonstrate your value as a worker in a more confident and determined way. Believing more in yourself is the first stone for a new work adventure.


In one of the moments of more activity and frenzy, you may feel the consequences of standing up all day or moving around non-stop. And in this case, your feet are the first to notice the effects. Today during the day you will feel pain in that area of the body, and in the legs.

This discomfort can not only be aggravated but can be prolonged throughout the days if you do not give them the attention they deserve. Attention, Sagittarius: the most important thing is to buy orthopedic insoles for shoes that reduce the effort of the plantar zone.

At the end of the day, you should also spend some time relaxing your legs. It will be ideal if you accompany it with a salt water bath. Otherwise, avoid exaggerated efforts.