Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |




This new week you will feel calm again in terms of love. You will enjoy really pleasant moments with your partner and you both will use this good mood to make plans together.

The stars will constantly support you today when it comes to love. It’s the perfect time to open your heart and give the best of you, your loved ones will give you this good energy back.

Single Sagittarius will meet someone special through an acquaintance who will act as a link to this magic encounter. You will live moments of great connection and happiness. Get ready to welcome passion in your life.

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This week begins with a new financial perspective, you will have new responsibilities when it comes to money. You will probably sign contracts that will involve an important rise in your salary.

Big professional projects and challenges are waiting for you. These positive changes will mean a higher salary, so right now it’s not the moment to spend, yet. Wait until fate brings you new opportunities and then invest in what you want.

It’s a good moment to put your finances in order, pay your debts and do the math in general. A new favourable period of time for everything related to finances and work is coming.


Today a new stage for your health begins. You’ve decided to take care of yourself and nothing can stop you. Healthy food is already part of your lifestyle, and so is moderate exercise. Your health is your main concern and so you will begin this week with a plan.

At the same time, you’ve been caring for your emotions as well, which involves better stability and control over your life. You know how to deal with the circumstances and this helps you keep calm and balanced.

Find this moment early in the morning, or late at night, to sit in silence and find your inner peace. This will help you keep this stability that you’ve found and will save you from stressful situations and being in a bad mood.