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Sagittarius, the Stars predict that the presence of Mercury comes with good news for love. Communication will improve so your conversations with your loved ones will be enriching and pleasant.

If you’re in a relationship, you will find it easier to express your feelings, so everything will flow spontaneously. A beautiful harmony is settling in your life today. You believe in complicity and it’s working pretty well. You look after your relationship and your partner knows it.

If you’re single, today’s prediction says you feel like pleasing and seducing. You have a gift for speeches, so your charm will be effective soon. It will be difficult to resist you. If you’re doubting between two people you won’t need to choose. Go ahead and live what you have to live.

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Today’s horoscope prediction regarding your economy doesn’t come with important news, which is positive, because you’re living a period of financial stability and abundance, Sagittarius.

You’d better use the strategy of teaming up instead of pleasing other people at work. When this happens, ask yourself: Who is strong enough to support you? And go to those who actually support you.

You need to start establishing strategies to help you get what you want in your professional life. On the other hand, today you could emerge in a solid and solvent field, as long as you know the lessons.


If you’ve left behind your workout routine and the dynamic lifestyle you were leading, today it’s the perfect day to retake those healthy habits. Not only will you keep the physical appearance you’ve been so careful to look after, but you will also feel healthier.

Today you could feel like trying new physical activities that will call your attention and won’t make you give up easily. Sagittarius, you will become more aware of your health today.

You might use natural medicine to renovate yourself inside and outside. Activities like yoga or tai-chi will become part of your daily routine.