Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




Today’s love prediction for Sagittarius brings some news and you’re probably feeling full of energy and active regarding your relationship. Maybe you’re going to deal with new responsibilities and will suggest new ideas that will work perfectly.

As for your family, the horoscope says you’re going to keep a good relationship with them, even if things are going a different rhythm. Trusting each other will be crucial if you want to have positive and fluent communication, so you need to be very honest.

Single Sagittarius, you’re going to assume a new role regarding your conquests. You will dare to be the one turning the situation to your favour. This new trust in yourself will help you adapt better to this new waiting period.

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Today you will save some money, Sagittarius. You’ve spent some money recently but now you need to think about the future. You still have enough resources but your instinct is telling you to be cautious.

Professionally speaking today’s prediction says you will have a very fruitful day at work. You could be assigned new projects, or maybe you will collaborate as advisor or collaborator in new initiatives.

Your decisions regarding your job and your economy will be crucial today. Fortunately, you have the positive influence of the Stars and you will find the perfect strategy to succeed.


When it comes to your health, this Friday you could feel some abdominal pain, Sagittarius. If you’ve been following a healthy diet then you should pay attention to your emotional life, maybe you’re somatizing some problem with your daily life.

On the other hand, the influence of Mars is still affecting your mood, that’s why today you will have a tendency to be more nervous than other days. You should practice some meditation or relaxation technique to balance this moment of your life.

Last but not least, don’t forget that life is a journey, and every new turn in your life will bring you a different lesson. Don’t regret anything, just change the things you don’t like in your life.