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Do you have to apologize for always trying to find the positive side of things and be happy, Sagittarius? Do you have to be ashamed of feeling love and expressing it in nice words and romantic details? Should you feel bad about being an optimistic person?

Optimism, love and self-improvement are not in fashion, Sagittarius, but in this grey world where it seems you will be forced to be stressed and in a bad mood, your character is a blessing to yourself and to the rest. And far from being ashamed of being happy, you should exploit it to the maximum every day.

Today avoid being ashamed of your feelings and express them openly without reservations.


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Unfortunately, this Thursday, the fears about a dismissal for those Sagittarius who are in a temporary job are materializing. And if it doesn't happen, you stay on the edge of the abyss, so what you have to think about is how to get job stability.

Living every day without knowing if it will be the last is too distressing and, worst of all, does not let you make plans in your life. It's time to start taking charge of your professional life, Sagittarius. If you are in a temporary or unstable job, look for something better. You have to think big.

When faced with the worst news, that of dismissal, take it as a challenge, an opportunity to show yourself that you can overcome obstacles by pushing yourself towards something better. 


Repeated headaches should make you think about the accumulation of some structural problems, such as stress and high blood pressure. In general, you have to try to relax so that these migraines disappear. 

At this point, Sagittarius, you should think about slowing down and giving yourself a break. Take life more calmly, and you'll see your body recovering from some difficulties.

Some stimulants such as coffee should also be banished as soon as possible from your day to day, or at least reduce the doses. Finding the balance and motivation to maintain a daily rhythm without the need for energy drinks and coffee is fundamental for a healthier life.