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The arrival of problems and arguments that hinder the relationship with your friends is turning this beginning of the year into a negative circle that easily pulls you into pessimism and obfuscation. The natural tendency is to reinforce those negative feelings.

This Monday is complicated because a painful betrayal will disappoint you so much that you will feel that friendship no longer has any value.

However, Sagittarius, betrayal and disapppointment should not undermine affection for your loved ones. Simply don't let negative feelings win you over!


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Place two blue candles (representing success) on a table next to a metal scepter. Write a piece of paper with red ink (representing the action) the work you would like to find and the money you want to earn. Burn the paper with cinnamon chips while reciting a prayer.

Feng-shui is a guiding philosophy that channels personal energies through the order of the environment and its disposition. In the north of your home is the space of profession and finance. You can build a small altar with your photograph, precious gemstones, and coins.

When luck turns its back on you, Sagittarius, faith is a powerful way to change dynamics. You may or may not believe in spells and Feng-shui, but the important thing is to create a positive atmosphere.


Relaxation in some aspects of your health allows you a certain accommodation that opens space for beauty treatments and care of your body. When your organism gives you those moments of pause and tranquillity, you can attend to some aesthetic needs.

Feeling better is a fundamental part of your health, because it enriches your self-esteem and offers physical and mental balance. Also, certain care can be very beneficial for, for example, the health of your skin or a better functioning of the circulatory system.

The small aesthetic touches to feel more beautiful are medicine for your psychology. Muscles and bones can also experience a lot of improvement if you undergo relaxing spa and massage treatments.