Magical Horoscope Sagittarius |



Complexes out, Sagittarius. The tendency to look inward with certain cruelty is not your thing. With the respect and condescension you have towards others, and the hatred you profess for yourself... It is not receivable, centaur. Change your mentality.

Today is a day to work on certain aspects of your personality that will lead to greater mental strength, more security and self-confidence. Show yourself that you love yourself, and do it every day. It will be the first step for others to admire the brightness of your identity.

The influence of Pluto helps you turn darkness into light, which can be applied in your life to be a happier person, and also towards others, to help them find their way.


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Today may be one of the worst days in a long time for Sagittarius at work. A chain of mistakes will unleash the fury of your superiors. This will bring you back to crude reality. You need to take work more seriously, concentrate and work hard every day. No respite.

Excessive relaxation can have many causes, Sagittarius. Routine and mechanical work take away your motivation, and when you receive praise you quickly climb to the cloud and feel immune. Nothing like that. Be humble enough to know you're vulnerable.

But don't feel guilty. This has to serve you to improve. Learn the lesson: the best is the one who makes an effort and concentrates day by day. 


Clandestine relations, conjugal deceit and double life can lead to an excess of very harmful nervousness for Sagittarius, on this Thursday. It's time to go back to the normal lane, goalkeeper. Yes, much more boring, but in the long run much more beneficial.

Or do you think you can live much longer with that state of nerves that attack you every day? You need peace, rest, balance, well-being.

Perhaps it is also time to confess certain things. Cleansing your sins is also cleansing your soul, a rewarding beginning.