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Today’s prediction for Sagittarius in the matters of the heart is quite positive. You will still enjoy the harmony you’ve had these previous days. Everything will come to you naturally and there won’t be conflicts with those who love you.

Sagittarius in a relationship, today you can dare to commit, the day is more than favourable if you want to talk about feelings and establish the bases of a long-lasting relationship.

If single, you will also be lucky, your personal charm won’t go unnoticed. Take advantage of the magnetism the Stars are enhancing in you so that you can get close to that person you wish to know better.

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Financially speaking, today’s horoscope predicts a day full of excesses. You will probably be carried away by consumerism and will spend more money than expected on things that you don’t really need right now.

The Stars predict a very busy day at work. You will have to be as good as you can if you want to meet the deadlines and the objectives you had. However, don’t worry, you will manage to do it as long as you ask for help, you shouldn’t do everything by yourself.

Generally speaking, this Monday’s advice for Sagittarius is to be careful when spending money, and to ask for help at work. If you do these two things, everything will work well given the circumstances.


Your horoscope predicts a good day for your physical health. Sagittarius, going back to your healthy lifestyle has become a great help to make you feel stronger and with plenty of energy. Your mood is also benefitting from this change in habits.

Don’t forget to check your diet and include it in your new daily routine, diet plays a very important role in your health. You will probably buy more fresh food instead of processed food today.

The Magic Horoscope reminds you about the importance of resting well, don’t let your inner dialogue distract you when it’s time to go to sleep. Your personal well-being is in your hands, don’t neglect it.