Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for September 7

Your Horoscope for Saturday
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Your good nature and willingness to please your partner will give you its fruits today. It will be a day full of harmony in your love relationship, you feel how you’re beating this routine that had caught you and now you’re enjoying passion and joy again.

If you have children you’re going to start a favourable period where dialogue will be paramount in order to get closer. As for teenage children, don’t impose your ideas without exposing your reasons first.

Today’s horoscope advises you, Sagittarius, to enjoy your life as it is, so don’t anticipate anything. It’s true that love is around the corner for you, but right now you need to focus on your present, not the future.

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If you already have some investing plan for your future you could use your money for a new family project. If, on the contrary, you still haven’t thought about the possibility of saving some money for the future, today you will think about it.

You will be part of a group of chosen partners who will participate in a very important task. Your role will be fundamental for your professional growth and will bring you great benefit.

It’s a good moment for you if you’re self-employed. Sagittarius, today you have a lot of money to make your professional life grow and your business too.


This Saturday your health won’t suffer any relevant change. That discomfort you felt won’t be a concern anymore. On the other hand, you feel stronger and this will motivate you to accept new sports challenges soon.

Emotionally speaking, today you will continue your inner fight in order to neutralise your nerves and be in a good mood. Luckily, today’s horoscope predicts a day mostly made of good vibes.

Remember, Sagittarius, you sometimes need to stop and charge batteries. Nature works wonders for you, so don’t forget to go on a long walk through the forest or have a relaxing bath in the sea.