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The time has come to say enough, Sagittarius. How far are you willing to allow them to keep poking their noses into your life? How long will you let your weakness be the pretext for others to do and undo aspects that concern only you?

It is more necessary than ever that you show a strong personality in front of others, and make it clear that there are red lines that cannot be crossed. Your sentimental life and the decisions you make in it, are only your concern, and the time has come to prove it.

Otherwise, you run the risk of being in the hands of people who do not always have the best intentions.


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Everything you had expected from your economic activities these days is beginning to bear fruit, and today, as if your pocket had a magnet, you seem to be attracting money like never before. The astral forces create a very special energy field that makes the money reach you.

How are you going to manage that money? That is the question. After a lot of hard work and bad luck you may be tempted to let yourself be carried away by the desire to spend. But waste is the worst of options, as well as the obsession with saving.

Applying common sense is not so difficult, Sagittarius. Rejoice in the good economic times and set reasonable limits to combining spending with conservation. 


Sagittarius women in gestation have to take into account the state of health during today, especially because small complications can appear. Also, it is important to evolve day by day with your pregnancy, to turn it into a learning process. 

Did you know that there are very interesting therapies that teach you to know your body and the changes that occur during pregnancy? Not only will it be useful for the period you carry your baby in the womb, but also for childbirth and the postpartum period.

For Sagittarius in general, it will be a rather placid day in which your body gives you a truce to continue fighting for your occupations in life. Take advantage of it.