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Today Sagittarius will feel especially sensitive to the stimulations of the senses. In particular, music can be a strong stimulus for the sensitive soul of the Centaurs, tending to be moved and draw from within the purest and most pleasant feelings.

You don't have to be afraid to get emotional, Sagittarius. On the contrary, showing your emotions is a sign of maturity and security, and allows you to externalize your needs and expire your means and your sufferings. A catharsis process more necessary than ever.

Try to lead these feelings down the right path so you can make the most of them.


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Today you may feel that you urgently need to attract money, as your economic situation is becoming more and more distressing. If you are in a complicated situation, you should know that the planets are not orbiting in a satisfactory flow for the attraction of money in Sagittarius.

However, planets always offer opportunities to overcome problems, and the stars are orbiting in a favorable way to attract esoteric and mystical forces. That makes the magical channels for attracting money by spells open.

Simple spells like writing the amount of money you need in a brown bag and burning it in a green candle while imagining the money in your hands and praying a prayer will attract the money in a surprising way. The most important thing, Sagittarius, is your faith that everything will get better.


You breathe much better than you did a few days ago, the fever disappears and the cough gives way to a feeling of well-being that indicates that you are recovering. Not only that: according to the prediction of the stars, your defenses are strengthened and your organism evolves towards greater strength.

However, not all that glitters is gold, Sagittarius, and in matters of health it is always good to be careful. Today, although internal health indicates that you are healthy as an oak, unexpected situations may arise that put your physical and personal safety at risk.

Be prudent, and watch where you walk, watch well before crossing a street, be careful with your movements. If you exercise or do sports, be very careful with sprains.