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Sagittarius, love is smiling at you today, you will be able to easily conquer the heart of that person you like. If you’re in a relationship, your partner will be at your feet, the flow of communication and the connexion between you to will almost be magic.

Sagittarius with children, you will manage to establish positive deals that will benefit everyone, especially when there are teenagers. The distance that prevailed in your relationship will become smaller today.

If you’re single, today’s horoscope comes with good news, you’re very likely to begin a romantic relationship if you haven’t started one already. Enjoy this beginning, don’t resist it, and trust love.

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Sagittarius, you may have overspent your budget this week. On the other hand, it won’t be harmful to your economy, you have a stable source of income and you can afford it, but try not to get used to it.

The Stars predict a happening that will bring you indirect consequences at work. Someone in your team will commit a mistake and everyone will have to pay somehow. Don’t wash your hands and try to do as much as you can to fix this problem

Today’s horoscope predicts a very favourable day for those Sagittarius with their own businesses. You will probably have a meeting where you will meet someone who will provide you with very valuable commercial contacts.


Sagittarius, don’t skimp on anything when it comes to your health today. Use your free time to organize your pantry or tidy up your home. These two aspects are really important for you to feel like order has come back to your life.

Sagittarius, you should spend some time to plan your day to day life. You tend to avoid established schedules, but you need a system that lets you meet all your personal goals in a structured way.

The Magic Horoscope recommends you take your time to visualize how you want your day to be. Don’t forget to include some leisure activity that helps you relax. Balance is the key.