Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for April 9

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Even if you don’t like it you won’t be able to avoid being the centre of attention today. Love is within you, you spread it wherever you go and your charm is at its highest.

Use all this energy to improve your relationship with your partner, every act of kindness we have towards our loved ones comes back to us and brings us the joy of living.

If you’re single you’ve never found any better moment to find one a partner, but you will not take it seriously. Live healthy adventures and romances and don’t restrict yourself to something that appears on the way of your will to expand.

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Some changes in your work will give you the enthusiasm to get out of your comfort zone. Take control of your professional life and accept proposals for financial improvement.

Your economy is improving little by little, there’s nothing for you to worry about. Your positive personal energy is materializing in every aspect of your life, including your economy. It’s time to enjoy and look at the future with new eyes.

If you’ve been dreaming of a radical change in your life now the stars are giving you a great opportunity. Trust your abilities and the good luck around you, and walk new paths, success is waiting for you.


Your optimism and confidence help you with your general well-being. These positive feelings will give you more vitality, so take advantage of this energy boost and get fit.

You want to socialize and discover new places, don’t turn down any offer as you will meet people with whom you will get on well and who will be of a great help in times of need.

Get out on the street as much as you can, get fresh air, chat with people, this is something you’ve always liked. This joy of living you’re experiencing right now is at its peak, don’t repress any impulse. Your whole body is vibrating positively and in consonance with you to help you face any new adventure.