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This Saturday the prediction of the stars announces a shower of very interesting ideas that can serve you to show your more energetic and sociable side. You will feel like organizing things, gathering your friends, surprising your partner, and all that will grow your spirit.

Don't let yourself lose that strength that comes from within, that impulse that can give you great things today. There will be obstacles, but you must overcome them with the confidence and determination that characterize you. And always showing optimism and responding to others with a smile.

When you reach a point of saturation, it is not superfluous to seek comfort in the arms of a friend.


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You can always improve at work, Sagittarius, this is obvious, and if you are not satisfied with your performance is very positive that you realize and try to start improving those things you can do better. That speaks to your humility and your ability to overcome, which are the secret of success.

But you run the risk of taking the wrong path, Sagittarius, if today, influenced by the stars that emit towards Saturn an inversion of pragmatism that results in suggestion and insecurity, instead of trying to improve you get lost in self-flagellation.

Recognizing that things are not going as you would like should be the turning point for improvement, not the excuse for mortifying yourself and losing all your potential in unproductive guilt.


Taking care of your health is as important as not letting yourself get carried away by obsessions that distort your physical sensations. You are on the verge of an authentic outbreak of hypochondriac disorder that does not let you live in peace, always obsessed with pain and disease.

Put one thing in your head, Sagittarius: you're in good health. But the hectic life, the constant worries and haste mean that you can't take care of yourself as you'd like, and it's normal that from time to time some little problems appear.

The problem is that you magnify those annoyances and turn them into real problems for a simple matter of suggestion. Today's challenge, Sagittarius: stop obsessing about disease.