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A shadow of sadness and decay can appear in the life of the centaurs staining the optimism to which you predispose personal projects and ambitions. This is the key to overcoming a love affair or a sentimental disappointment: basing yourself on what makes you happy.

Being passionate about your vocations is a productive way to turn your back on heart problems. Your friends are also a rich source of joy and happiness that fill your life with fulfillment and strength.

Don't forget that your life is, by itself, something wonderful that you have to give impulse and freedom.


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A conflict of interests presents itself in the Sagittarius day in a threatening way. You have the ability to overcome certain crossroads with common sense and maturity, with that special brilliance that protects you. But today you run the risk of consuming yourself in problems.

A doubt about attention to moral principles or the satisfaction of lucrative interests introduces you into a spiral of mental anguish that can end up getting on your nerves. If you follow your instinct and try to value your nobility, you will take the right path.

When it comes to a clash of interest between you and a partner, try to defend your interests by trying to do as little harm as possible to others. You can never be proud if your success depends on the failure of others, Sagittarius. Keep that in mind.


An adult needs 1,000 milligrams of calcium a day, which is equivalent to two servings of calcium a day, and the foods that carry the most calcium are dairy products, such as milk, cheese or yogurt. Oily fish, legumes and nuts also enrich your diet with calcium.

This Wednesday, the stars foresee an increase in the need for calcium in the body of Sagittarius, especially to strengthen bone and muscle structures in order to face with laborious guarantees processes of re-habitation and recovery.

A moderate contribution of proteins will be very necessary for the formation of muscular mass and bone, but be careful, for an excessive consumption favors the elimination of calcium through the urine.