Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Magical moment that Sagittarius will live today in process of momentary separation, because in a wonderful way the beloved person returns to the arms of centaur in a force of attraction that operates Saturn with the approval of Mars and Venus.

The planets line up, literally, to provide you with the return of love, which will not come without problems and obstacles but will result in a pleasant success. Emotions soar, feelings squirm, and your heart beats full of life again.


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Your head still rumbles with the bosses' brawls and your own lamentations. It's not easy days at work, and you feel like you're stuck. The stars come to whisper in your ear something very important: you have to regain self-esteem and the desire to demonstrate.

This is the key to success, Sagittarius: not in standing permanently on top of the cloud, because falling is normal and we all make mistakes, but in knowing how to get up faster and with more impulse than others. And now is the time when you have to show your courage.

Today is a new day and a new opportunity to prove to your bosses that you are worth it, and that you are capable of doing your job well. The rest, the lamentations and guilt, are useless.


The consolidation of some progress in the care of your body leads you to reach a much more acceptable state of health. With the approval of the stars, you can begin to look for ways to reinforce that well-being. Alternative therapies may be a good idea.

In that sense, remember that you are in the process of opening the channels, and that it is more necessary than ever to accompany the healthy habits of some techniques to cleanse the aura and open up to powerful energies. Perform a salt bath and a ritual with incense.

The pain in the feet will disappear and, although the back may cause some problems, otherwise you will live a very placid and perfect day to recover some dynamism and activity.