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Today’s horoscope prediction for love says it’s going to be a very romantic day. Single Sagittarius, you’re very likely to find a compatible person and, if you’re in a relationship, you will have a perfect rapport with your partner.

The relationship with your children will flow with harmony. You’re living a relaxing period where there’s no room for conflict or generational confrontations.

Single Sagittarius, you want to be part of a long-lasting relationship, however, this depends on the attitude you have towards love, more than the chances the Universe will give you.

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Your income will probably increase, but it will be something that happens slowly. You will be able to manage your money without a problem because of the constant flow you will receive.

Today’s horoscope says you will have many opportunities to take part in new businesses. It’s a good moment to make important decisions regarding your career, the planets are by your side right now.

Generally speaking, it’s going to be a positive day when it comes to financial and commercial transactions. Your situation is very favourable in this aspect, so you’d better take advantage of it and broaden your vision of the future.


Today’s horoscope predicts your health is going to be strong. You will work both your body and your mind. You will have a tendency to practise some type of sport in order to stay fit and you will probably include a daily workout routine in your habits.

Today there’s nothing negative regarding your sleeping habits and your diet, you’ve been really disciplined! This positive attitude you’ve adopted will bring you great results, Sagittarius!

Sagittarius, don’t let the day finish without devoting some minutes of your time to contemplation or silence. If you’re not into it, you can substitute it for listening to music or another relaxing activity you can perform.