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Your Sagittarius Horoscope for 2019

Yearly horoscope for Sagittarius
Magic horoscope yearly 2019 | Magic Horoscope



After a few months of insecurity and doubts, you will find the way to know what you want. This 2019 will help you to define which are your goals in life and what place your partner and love occupies in those plans. In the equator of the year you can live moments of anguish for not knowing what you want, or live imprisoned in a frustrated relationship that you do not want to give up for fear of harming others.

However, the stars will bring clairvoyance and thought to Sagittarius in the last months of the year, which will also be full of light and fun. In bed, you will experience a boom in your relationships with an endearing combination of passion and love, while single centaurs will release an ideal magnetism for conquest.


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The first months will be the most complicated, as you enter the new year with some important blockages to your family and friends. However, after those complicated months, the relationship of the Sagittarius with their children enters a very productive phase in which you can transmit your love and receive affection in a natural and spontaneous way.

With other relatives you will feel more distanced, and in recent months may explode disagreements and even legal problems through. You must take distance to get things back on track.


A particularly good year for signing contracts and transactions. If you're thinking of selling some properties, the first few months of 2019 will be ideal. In the summer months, the stars foresee important purchases for Sagittarius, acquisitions that will come out of the most profitable.

You won't have to worry too much about losses, a year of great stability is expected with benefits that allow you to relax. If anything, the months from April to August can have some losses and it is better than in those months do not risk in operations.

But the last part of the year you will recover everything lost and you will be able to grow your economy.


This 2019 has come the time to take a step forward in your work environment, to leave behind the space of comfort in which you have stagnated and move forward, with ambition and drive, towards the conquest of your dreams. That path will not be free of obstacles, but the stars accompany you in the transition from food to adventure, and who better than Sagittarius to face that challenge.

In the case of the Sagittarius in employment, a year with many difficulties is foreseen, and you have to prepare mentally yourself to reach stability again and you will have to sacrifice a lot. Dissatisfaction and acceptance of temporary, unstable and sometimes poorly paid jobs are a necessary step to reach the last months of the year with options to take the definitive step towards security.


Month of transit in which the muscular pains will disappear to give way to the well-being. In this 2019 the first months of the year will be dedicated to aesthetics and physical care of your body, as you are increasingly concerned about the passage of age.

The younger Sagittarius have to evolve towards healthier habits to prevent the organism from weakening and blocking the way to some emotional imbalances: nervousness and anxiety can take hold of you.

Keep in mind the months of September and October, in which some serious diseases can complicate the year to the Sagittarius, and where it is also anticipated, in the final stretch of the year, some problems that require going through the operating room. Use your natural optimism as a weapon against complications, and remember that physical exercise and connection with nature help you live better.


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